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Recent spates of corporate irresponsibility resulting in lives ruined and endless litigation processes have encouraged most organizations to communicate more openly about their vision and goals and the values and culture that underpins them. MHW PR is no different. We strive to reflect strong values in every undertaking and the old fashioned handshake with an honest look in the eye still means something.


MHW PR aims to become a leader in the public relations consultation and services profession through the application of hard work, expertise, and strong values.


MHW PR highly values the trust and confidence of its clients. But if your aim is merely to establish a “smoke screen” of publicity and communications tools, MHW PR isn’t for you. Conversely, if you are sincerely looking to communicate openly and honestly with your audiences, MHW PR can help. We will help you identify and do the right thing, even when no one is watching. Good integrity is non-negotiable.

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Proactive, inspirational leadership underpinned by non-negotiable integrity is a winning combination for any endeavor. MHW PR is committed to providing the necessary leadership, counsel, and project management skills to help you accomplish your communications goals and objectives. And like all good leaders, MHW PR is responsible and accountable; if we sign up for the task, the task will be done.

MHW also ascribes to The Public Relations Society of America Code of Ethics.

How do others perceive you? If your communications are disjointed, inadequate or inconsistent, perceptions of your organization will likely be the same.